Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice Photoshoot For Little Girls

Sugar & Spice Mini Session –
Adorable For Little Girls

This Sugar & Spice mini was one of my favorite sets for little girls! Just look at this adorable newborn girl showing us what little girls are made of.


It was rewarding to see it take first place prize in the “People” category for Rowlett’s annual photography contest this year.

We had weights in the bottom of the pot for stability and safety to counterbalance the top-heaviness with baby positioned up there, and this was of course a composite where mom’s hand was supporting the baby’s head and removed afterwards in post processing (safety first, always!).

The set worked great for older babies, too! This little cutie is my baby girl, Iris. She LOVED playing with the beads, and I thought it would look cute to have the jar tipped over in this shot so it really looked like she was going to town with the “Everything Nice” ingredient. It added a playful aspect I really liked. That girl sure got two scoops of spice, I can tell you that! Around here, we call her monster. 😉


The jars I made myself from old salsa jars, dressed up with a strip of burlap and printable chalkboard signs. I love having a job that allows me to be a little crafty and creative!

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