“Magical Pictures” Fantasy Portraiture – Rowlett / Rockwall TX

I captured some beautiful portraits of my son at the Blase Family Farm in Rockwall TX recently (with permission). It is so magical there in the fall.

I love this one with a butterfly on his hand. There were actually butterflies everywhere! But this was a composite photo, made with two separate images.

child holding butterfly fantasy portrait

Boy holding butterfly on hand (composite image) | Fantasy Portraiture by Destiny Malone

The inspiration for this fantasy portrait was actually a Facebook post. In one of the groups I’m in, someone asked who did “magical pictures” and they posted some images with butterflies and sparkles added. Of course, someone tagged me, and it made me remember this image of my son where he was staring at a rock in his hand (typical boy), but you couldn’t see the rock. It was the perfect candidate for a “magical” portrait!

At another session I did recently, the parents had brought a step ladder, and I just had to try this fantasy portrait with their little girl. They were thrilled, and I have gotten SO many compliments since. These “magical” photos have a very wide appeal. This was actually three separate images: the original, the moon, and the stars, combined to make a single fantasy work of art.

Hanging moon with a ladder fantasy portrait

Little girl hanging the moon, standing on a step ladder (composite image) | Fantasy Portraiture by Destiny Malone

If you love fantasy portraiture as much as I do and would like to dream up something magical for your child, please contact me with your idea!

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