How To Choose A Photographer

Choosing a photographer is a very personal decision, and there are a number of factors that go into that decision. In the Dallas area alone, there are thousands of photographers, so how do you go about narrowing it down? Consider these main distinguishing factors in finding the right one for you…

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Depending on what you’re seeking, choosing a photographer who specializes in your area of need is often your safest bet. Weddings. Families. Newborns. Pets. These professionals do this day in and day out, can anticipate the challenges and have the experience necessary to consistently achieve the best results every time.

Most families would agree that choosing a wedding photographer who has a solid reputation and wedding portfolio is of paramount importance. That moment in time is so special and will never happen again, so you want to be sure you have a skilled professional capturing your love and genuine connection.

But have you realized how fleeting these days with your children are? And how special? It’s so important to capture their true personalities and expressions, and a photographer who specializes in families knows how to relate to children of varying ages and how to get natural poses for families. The toddler and preschool ages in particular are often quite challenging for many photographers, but as a family photographer, I LOVE these ages!

Personally, I take the time to meet with families before their session so nobody shows up a stranger! I discover who they are as a family and learn their preferences and insecurities. This allows me to pose intentionally and capture the angles that help everyone look their best and focus on the moment captured.


Each photographer has their own signature style, whether it’s artsy, moody, clean, colorful, or otherwise. Browse through portfolios of possible photographers, and see which style appeals to you.

But what if you like a lot of different styles? Here’s a tip: If you think about the room where you would like to display the photographs, choosing a style that would coordinate well with the look and feel of that room is often your safest bet.

In addition to editing style, consider the way a photographer’s portfolio makes you feel. Are their images energetic and carefree? Are their images powerful and emotional? What resonates best with you when you think about what you’re wanting from a portrait session. Let your heart guide you.

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One of the main distinguishing factors between professional photographers is their product selection. Some offer digital files only, and you may handle printing yourself. Others offer an array of wall art options, from canvas to metal to acrylic to wood prints, framed prints and more, and they may or may not allow purchasing of digital files.

At Destiny Malone Photography, you can choose from a nice sampling of professional products and finishing options, carefully selected to match my style, and I include digital files with product purchases, so you have the security of owning both.


Price is another main difference when choosing between photographers. Of course, price will vary greatly, depending on the level of artistry, skill and service a photographer has to offer. You might be surprised to find that pricing ranges from $20 for the beginner photographer selling digitals, to $20,000 or more for highly skilled and esteemed professional photographers offering products.

Of course you need to determine your desired budget and shop accordingly. Often the very low-end photographers are still learning, or have not yet mastered the technical aspects of photography to be consistent and confident in their skills and charge more than hobby prices. Many are still saving up for professional grade equipment to offer better quality. Of course it feels great to get a deal, and if you just want something cute for Facebook sharing, these budget photographers can be a great bargain. If you hope to be able to print high quality photographic prints or canvases in large format for the wall, however, you will probably not want to go with the lowest bidder.

Even with the same photographer, pricing can vary greatly depending on your final choices. Clients who invest in photography with me usually spend a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on their needs.


Perhaps the most important factor in choosing a photographer is the connection you feel to him or her. Are they friendly? Do you like their personality? Do you get a good feeling talking to them? Do they ‘get’ you and understand your needs?

It is so important to have a photographer you feel comfortable with and that you trust completely with some of your most treasured moments.

I hope this has been a helpful guide in giving you a starting point to choosing the right photographer for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any further questions, and let me know how I can help.

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