Bluebonnet Photos Near Dallas TX

As a professional photographer, I prefer to coordinate dramatic bluebonnet photos at peak bloom every year in the Dallas TX area. There is a beautiful field in nearby Garland, which allows for some really amazing compositions with open sky, sunset and gorgeously lush patches of those beautiful bluebonnets.

bluebonnets peak dallas tx photography

2017 A Bad Year For Bluebonnets?

Is there such a thing as a “bad year” for bluebonnets? Last year at peak bloom, we got some bad weather and plenty of large hail that destroyed many of the bluebonnets. Unfortunately, without favorable conditions for pollination at peak season, it can negatively impact the crop for the following year (which is now the worry for this year, 2017).

While many are predicting a less than spectacular season for bluebonnets, I’m remaining hopeful and positive about our outlook and certainly only time will tell.

However, I’m confident that even without a screaming show of bluebonnets, there is always opportunity to capture the scene in the best way possible, making the most of whatever nature provides.

bluebonnets photography near dallas tx

When last year’s hail storm in Rowlett/Garland/Wylie decapitated many flowers and left the fields more barren than we would have liked, we pressed on and captured this unforgettable image for a local family. It’s certainly more subtle than the lush spring fields of blue, but it’s every bit as beautiful.

Early Bluebonnets vs Peak Bloom

So when will bluebonnets begin to bloom here in Dallas TX, and when will they peak?

With a mild winter and plenty of rain to kick off 2017, all we need is a little sunshine, and we should start seeing some bluebonnets popping up along roadsides and beginning to form buds in the fields. South Texas bluebonnets bloom early and then spread north here to Dallas a few weeks later, so we always watch reports for Austin and then calculate accordingly.

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Look for the earliest blooms lining the roadsides, which is where they blossom first and provide fair warning that bluebonnet season is arriving. This happens typically the first couple weeks in March in the Dallas TX area, possibly sooner this year.

The fields fill up and glow with neon blue mid-March through mid to late April and linger even into May (depending on weather).

Peak season for bluebonnets in the Dallas area for 2017, I am planning will probably be the first week in April.

**See below for update**

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In my opinion, if you want to capture those glowing blue blossoms, it’s better to err on the side of being too early, rather than being too late. While bluebonnet season typically lasts for several weeks, the flowers are much more vibrant prior to and during peak.

Past-peak lingering blooms tend to be more of a subdued purple. This can also be very pretty if you know how to make the best of the scene because it creates a different feel to your images.

baby in the bluebonnets garland tx

**UPDATE** I recently scoped out my locations and am now more enthusiastically estimating bluebonnet season peak for 2017 to be March 25 – April 5, 2017.

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