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Hi, I’m Destiny Malone, the artist behind the lens, and I would love to get to know your family and see if we’re a good match. Here’s a little about me and my approach to photography.

I am so blessed to be a wife and homeschooling mother of three here in Prosper, TX. It was my family that initially awakened my love of photography before I ever dreamed of doing it professionally.

Children are my passion, and I specialize in child and family photography. I’m particularly passionate about outdoor portraiture and all the freedom and opportunities it brings. Alternatively, I also offer petite sessions for headshots and model portfolio updates.

Kids Love Me Because…

I want their experience to be fun, not stiff and boring!

Of course I believe in posing and positioning, but I also believe in letting kids be kids! I believe they can easily go hand in hand, and while I take the control I need to take, I also let the kids take charge over many aspects of their session. Getting them involved makes it fun!

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I believe in capturing the true moments of this time in the best way possible, tossing aside expectations of that “perfect” stock photo frame portrait in favor of a “perfect” real moment portrait.

Reality is perfection, and I invite you to open your mind up to all the beauty that can be found in what others overlook as ordinary. The ordinary moments are really the extraordinary moments when you are looking back on this time years from now.

Parents Love Me Because…

I’m patient! I don’t put a time limit on your session because different kids need different amounts of time to warm up and allow for great captures. I am upbeat and find creative ways to get your child to cooperate willingly for amazing compositions your heart is longing for.

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Also, there are no fake smiles! I believe in letting children smile rather than asking them to smile. Kids tell their parents, “That was fun!” after we finish up, and to me, that’s what it’s all about. You want genuine emotion for your portraits, not fake smiles!

“Destiny was great. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, patient, energetic photographer. She had her hands full with our family and when I got hot, flustered and done, she still kept things moving and is motivated.”
-Tammie Allen-Scales, Garland TX

Creating Art

As a portrait artist, I feel each moment has the potential to be a work of art, with the right perspective and vision. I often have a distinct vision in mind when I set out to photograph a scene.

What the camera is able to capture usually gets me at least halfway there; then careful artistic enhancements in post processing help my vision come to life. My goal is for each piece to become a statement piece, something that you love to stare at and want to display in your home.

Dallas TX area Photography - Children Blowing Dandelions

Award-Winning Photography

I’m honored to have been named the City Of Rowlett’s award-winning photographer while I was residing there, taking Best of Show, 1st Place and 3rd Place for portrait photography.

Many local business owners and families who have trusted me with their family portraits over the years. I’d love to put my artistry to work for you, creating beautiful portraits you will cherish for a lifetime.

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My Gear

What I’m shooting: I have a lot of inquiries about what camera and lens I use, and I’m happy to share as long as you’re willing to read my disclaimer.

Disclaimer: It is NOT the camera or the lens that makes a photo great, just as it is not the brush or paint that makes a painting great. Having the proper tools for the job can certainly make a difference in the final product, but it has always been and will always be the artist who makes the art, not the equipment. Many actually find the quality of their images worsens when they purchase a DSLR because it’s too advanced for them to use properly.

So with that said, here’s what I have in my toolbox: Nikon D750 and D7000 (backup camera), and 99% of my images are captured with my versatile Nikon Zoom lens Nikkor 24mm‑70mm ‑ F/2.8. I own a handful of other lenses, including zoom and prime lenses, but the 24-70 is by far my favorite.

How I’m shooting: I usually shoot with a shallow depth of field and a high shutter speed to freeze squirmy kids and avoid motion blur. I read the available light and carefully position myself  when I compose the scene, keeping in mind the color of the light, the shape and textures it is creating, the shadows and contrast, composition, depth of field, leading lines… all of the important elements that go into creating the mood and emotion of an image. All of this forethought means your memories end up more powerful, more magical.

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